GPU showdown – Adreno 205 (MSM7230 in HTC G2) vs PowerVR SGX540 (Hummingbird in Samsung Galaxy S)

There’s been plenty of hypes about Adreno 205 and its performance improvement over Adreno 200 (which is found in common phones such as Nexus One, Droid Incredible, Evo, etc). Adreno 205 is used by the likes of HTC G2, Desire Z, myTouch HD and Desire HD.

The theoretical fill rate of Adreno 205 is rated at about 50% of SGX540. Does this translate into real numbers? AndroidandMe has gone ahead and compared the two GPUs head to head using 3DMark Mobile benchmark application using Nexus One running Froyo, Galaxy S using Android 2.1, and finally G2 using Froyo.


Again, G2 came ahead of Galaxy S!




Finally, Galaxy S came ahead of G2.

The source speculates that may be, 2.1 in Galaxy S is crippling the results for Galaxy S. IMO, that is not the case. Froyo’s JIT helps out CPU operations but these tests are designed to stress the GPU.

Could Adreno 205 be more powerful than SGX540? And what about Adreno 220 which, Qualcomm claims will improve the performance several times over Adreno 205!

Stay tuned for more benchmark tests!