The Most Popular Android Game In Australia

Australia has always been a very different market for android, both mobile device hardware and software are specially made for this market with their high end mobile bandwidth (some of the best in the world) and their high average household income allows Australians to purchase higher end devices than most the rest of the world.

In a recent publication released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (sorry the actual article hs since been removed) buying more expensive phones is not the only thing that Aussie are using their excess money for. A study conducted by Nelson revealed that an very unusual and unexpected mobile application has made it into the top 10 downloaded and used by the Aussie market, mobile poker machines, known as mobile pokies in Australia these online games allow people to gamble on slot machines through the android interface. Futher investigations showed that over 1 billion dollars is spent every year by Australians in the online pokies market and each year a larger portion of this amount is being played through mobile devices. A quick google search for mobile pokies revealed a myriad of different options including these guys at who provide amobile-pokies-on-android large selection of the different casinos you can play mobile pokies on as well as reviews, real user ratings and descriptions. Here to the right is an example of what some of the more popular games look like on an android device.


It can sometimes be difficult for other cultures to understand why people do what they do and that is certainly the case for me here.